Web Design and Maintenance
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Web Design and Maintenance

Unlocking the Power of Web Design and Maintenance

At Kinetisk BV, we pride ourselves on being more than just technical experts in PLC programming or offshore operations. Our scope extends to the realm of web design and maintenance. Recognizing the profound impact a well-crafted website can have. As a Web developer, we firmly believe that harnessing the company’s expertise begins with involving the owner and the designated website manager in the entire process.

Option 1: Hassle-Free Management

For those who are not tech-savvy or simply lack the time or interest, fret not. Our round-the-clock support ensures that your website and emails are professionally managed. With our attractive service plans. All it takes is a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. Allowing you to focus on your core business. This unique concept of web design and maintenance, offered by Kinetisk BV. Ensures that you lease the service according to your needs while retaining ownership of your digital presence.


Web Design and Maintenance

Option 2: Empowering Through Education

If you’re eager to learn but find the idea of managing your site daunting. We’ve got you covered. Through personalized training sessions. We equip you or your staff with the skills needed to navigate and maintain your website independently. From understanding the site’s structure to adding new content. Ensuring you’re fully capable and confident in managing your online presence.

Option 3: Collaborative Development

For those seeking a hands-on approach, we offer collaborative website development services. Together, we’ll build your site. Set up your preferred hosting package, and provide comprehensive training on site management. Rest assured! Our 24/7 support remains at your disposal. With transparent pricing based on agreed-upon deliverables, ensuring peace of mind without unexpected charges.


 Whether you prefer hands-off management, personalized training, or collaborative development. Kinetisk BV is committed to providing tailored solutions to suit your web design and maintenance needs. With our expertise and support. We empower you to leverage the full potential of your online presence, driving growth and success in the digital landscape.

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