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Diverse Minds, Unified Goals

Despite being a small company, Our Team boasts a diverse range of skills and the ability to adapt to various domains. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, leveraging our collective expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our compact size belies the depth of talent within our ranks, enabling us to tackle challenges with agility and innovation. From creative problem-solving to efficient execution, we offer more than meets the eye. Explore our team’s capabilities and discover how we can elevate your projects to new heights.

Martijn van der Vlies | Our Team member and CEO | Kinetisk bv

Martijn van der Vlies

CEO and Senior Engineer

Meet Martijn van der Vlies, a highly skilled professional with a strong background in mechanical engineering. Specializing in PLCs, Drives and associated electrical and programming techniques.

Martijn began his professional journey as an international commissioning engineer in the machine-building sector. He oversaw the installation of production lines and executed critical software, mechanical, and electrical adjustments. Transitioning to service engineering within the offshore and maritime industries. Martijn adeptly tackled challenges posed by aging systems, leveraging his problem-solving skills and keen attention to detail.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree and extensive training, Martijn possesses expertise in various technologies, including ABB controllers, Siemens Step 7, and Allen Bradley.

Currently, at Kinetisk Commissioning B.V.. Martijn serves as a pivotal member of the team, contributing as a service, project, and software engineer on a global scale. His portfolio includes diverse projects, f showcasing his ability to streamline operations and drive productivity.

Martijn’s unwavering dedication, coupled with his extensive experience and technical proficiency, positions him as an invaluable asset to any project or organization. Explore further to uncover Martijn’s remarkable journey and contributions.

Claire Meijer our team

Claire Meijer

Senior Webmaster and junior Engineer

Claire Meijer is a passionate Senior Webmaster and Junior Engineer at Kinetisk BV. Her professional journey commenced in 2019 at Kinetisk. Where she plays a pivotal role in aligning electrical schematics, HMI, and PLC tag names. Her responsibilities include offline preparation of adjustments and minimizing departmental impact by implementing and testing them on Fridays. One of her most challenging projects involved integrating an advanced system comprising 6 palletizers, feed transport from various packagers, automatic pallet feed, wrappers, label applicators, and automatic truck loading.

In addition to her role as a Senior Web Designer at Kinetisk BV, Claire is actively involved in managing several websites, overseeing their entire lifecycle from development to maintenance. Her expertise extends to effective client communication, project management, cost control, and regulatory compliance.

Outside of work, Claire is dedicated to continuous education. Currently, she is pursuing a modular HBO degree in Electrical Engineering, having successfully completed various components and preparing for future examinations. Her thirst for learning and determination to expand her knowledge drive her forward in her career.

Claire takes pride in her wide range of skills and her ability to tackle challenges with a positive mindset. Her motto is that giving up is not an option, and she is committed to always delivering work of the highest possible standard. She looks forward to contributing to your team and collaborating on exciting projects together.