Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Navigating the Seas of Electrical Engineering: A Journey with ABB Marine & Cranes

From November 2010 to 2013, I embarked on a dynamic journey with ABB Marine & Cranes, delving into the realm of electrical drives and controls within the maritime industry. As a Service, Project, and Software Engineer on a global scale. My role encompassed diverse responsibilities aboard ships and offshore installations, navigating the intricacies of Electrical Engineering.

Industry Context

Within the maritime sector, my primary focus revolved around providing service and support for electrical systems, addressing issues, performing maintenance, and implementing necessary adjustments or replacements. This involved working in various settings.  From assisting in hardware engineering to resolving software-related challenges. All within the realm of Electrical Engineering.

Electrical Engineering

Scope of Activities

 My tasks ranged from assisting in hardware engineering to writing manuals and providing documentation. All integral components of Electrical Engineering. Additionally, I conducted panel tests in workshops, ensuring compliance with established Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) procedures. Subsequently, I oversaw the installation, commissioning, and final acceptance testing with clients, ensuring systems operated seamlessly. Further highlighting the breadth of Electrical Engineering involved.

System Overview

Among the systems I worked on were propulsion systems (such as FAHM, FAMP, and RCS800), governors (DEGO S, DEGO II, and DEGO III), power management, control and monitoring systems (often referred to as “Scada”), shore connections, and specialized systems like VSP-control for Voith Schneider pitch propellers, all integral components within the realm of  Engineering.

Understanding the Technology

 In simpler terms, I dealt with ABB controllers and drives, utilizing programming languages like Codesys and control builder. These systems are crucial for ensuring efficient and safe operation of various maritime equipment. From propulsion to power management, contributing to the overall functionality and reliability of vessels and offshore installations, underscoring the importance of Electrical Engineering in maritime operations.


 My tenure at ABB Marine & Cranes was an enriching experience. Allowing me to navigate the intricate waters of Electrical Engineering within the maritime industry. From troubleshooting to commissioning. Each task played a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of critical systems onboard ships and offshore platforms, reinforcing the significance of Engineering in maritime applications.

This journey not only deepened my technical expertise but also underscored the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and attention to detail in delivering effective solutions. As I continue to chart my course in the field of Electrical Engineering. I carry with me the invaluable lessons learned during my time with ABB Marine & Cranes.


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